Okochi inc 2017

Event Roster

The Hanamachi is open all day, every day, to anyone who wishes to come and enjoy the luxury services we offer. You can eat in the lounge, drink in the bar, or spend some time with a hostess. 





The Hanamachi Pavillion invites all guests, on behalf of Okochi Ichizoku, to celebrate this Heavensturn's 'All Saint's Wake' with a telling of scary stories. Come and share on our night of Terrible Tales and win prizes for the scariest, funniest, weirdest stories you can come up with, and enjoy the specially designed seasonal menu made just for this night.
Volunteers welcome, sign up to be on the storytelling list at the door. 

Best scary story: Your choice from the MogStation! - WINNER - Camille Everardi
Best gory story:  1 million gil - WINNER - Baien Yatsurugi
Best at storytelling: (engaging) 700k gil - WINNER - Tatsuo Mirca
Silliest scare:  500k gil - WINNER - Ailish Yapih
Best costume: Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest - WINNER - Alexois Jervaint

Contribution prizes for all.

1st November, 7pm EST

Shirogane Ward 3, Plot 28

Muryo no hana, free flowers, is the first event held by the Hanamachi Pavilion.
For this night we wanted a bit of fun without cost to our patrons. So, all the dates will be raffled for FREE to the audience [[ via rolls]] between entertainment. Including one lucky person who will be chosen by raffle to take part in a dating game with our lovely girls.
Prizes include: Your choice from the Mogstation items (Dyes, Fantasia, etc ), Fat Cat Mount, Humble Bundle. AND FREE DATES!


18th May, 7pm EST

Shirogane Ward 3, Plot 28