Okochi inc 2017

Hot Spring Onsen

All guests have their choice of three separate hot springs to enjoy. 

  • Outside of the Pavilion in our lush garden is the personal onsen, closed off by full-grown hedges and fed warm spring water from the natural springs above. A hostess will stay with you while you enjoy the relaxing privacy. The service includes free sake.

  • Inside the Pavilion, there is a hot spring bathhouse. This a more public arena, and here we serve sake to the guests as part of the service. A hostess will attend your needs inside the spring, pour your drinks and accompany you until you are finished. 

  • Lastly, above the Pavilion, just a short walk up the winding path toward the mountains there is a natural hot spring with a full view of the Shirogane ocean and the beautiful landscape. A hostess may accompany you to this spot and serve you sake and a small picnic if you wish.

    ONSEN HOSTESS SERVICE || 50,000 gil

Garden onsen

This onsen is outside in the garden of the Pavilion. It has privacy by way of the hedges and comes with complimentary sake' service.