Okochi inc 2017

Establishment Rules and conduct.

The following is our current list of IC and OOC rules for the Hanamachi charter. All rules are expected to be followed to the best of your ability and all members need to follow them regardless of ranking. We will, however, speak about them with each member, if an issue arises, fairly and clearly.

Thank you

IC Rules

  1. Security is to be the only ones with visible weapons on the grounds.

  2. If the situation is a security situation, they are in charge, if not, you are permitted to go about your grounds as well.

  3. This is a high-class establishment. There will be no sexual interactions of any kind on furniture or in public spaces. Act professional and with sophistication.

  4. You must behave with discretion and manners toward the staff and will be treated as a most valued guest appropriately.

OOC Rules

  1. If you have a problem with another member, do not escalate the issue in public or any channels other members can see, try to settle it in private in a reasonable manner and if you can not solve it, take time away from each other. If that does not work and the issue persists, bring the issue to an officer.

  2. Do not delete logs. If you mess up and do something accidentally, leave it. Hiding evidence does not mean it never happened and can cause more problems if its a repeated action of deleting evidence.

  3. No political talks in any form, be it of a different countries problems, your opinions on political nature, LGBTQ situations, elections, religion, gun control, anything that is considered along lines that can be considered political or religion as it breeds arguments and is un-needed. And if you HAVE to talk about it, do it to someone in private. Not in any channel in this discord or in FC LS's or chats.

  4. In character is In character. Out of Character is Out of Character. They are different. You can RP a bitch, but don't be a bitch. You can RP a slut, does not make you a slut. Keep character and the real you separate. If you have a fight In character, it shouldn't lead to a fight Out of Character.

  5. If you have a problem with someone, screenshot it right away. If there is no screenshot or logs that we can see, we can not punish properly. And if you do not screenshot it and expect justice without proof, we are not obligated to do as such. We can not punish one-sided things. Show us proof, and we will help.

  6. No ERP in public spaces. We are considered high class, act it. ERP is only to be in private spaces. And if you are to ERP in back rooms, lock your doors. If you do not lock your doors and someone walks in on you, they are not to be punished OOCly, you didn't lock the room. Respond ICly as expected of someone walking into an unlocked room ICly.