Okochi inc 2017

Tea Ceremony

Depending on the style of tea ceremony you like, our lovely hostesses can cater to your taste. If you are uncertain of which one you prefer or have never tried it out before, you can request for the house to choose for you and be treated to one of our practiced traditional ceremonies.


FULL TEA CEREMONY || 10,000 gil  (If you ask for more you may be charged separately for that service.)

Throughout the year there are various kinds of ceremonies which have specific names according to the time of day, the occasion of the tea ceremony or the season in which they are held. The first tea ceremony held in January is called Hatsugama 初釜, which translates to “
first kettle.” This is the only time when a teacher will prepare tea and a meal for his or her students. Usually, the teacher will only give guidance to the students, so this is a very unique event for both the students and the host.

Akatsuki-no-chaji / dawn tea ceremony in winter

This is the dawn tea event held in the early morning of a cold winter day to enjoy the breaking of dawn in the tearoom. It is truly an amazing experience to be in the tearoom and drinking tea while the sunlight slowly starts coming through the small windows and the tea utensils start to appear different then just before in the candle-light.